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Puppet People Hosts Community Health Mission Event - Angela Beasley's Puppet People

There are so many fun and entertaining ways to use the Life-Size Puppets from Angela Beasley’s Puppet People. One of those ways is by hosting events. So on Thursday, December 5th, 2013 we decided to have Woody Stockton host the Community Health Mission end of year celebration.

As the guests arrived they were greeted by Woody Stockton and Miriam Rittmeyer who is the Executive Director of the Community Health Mission. Their were lots of smiles and surprised faces. Some of them were like, “who invited the hippie dude?” But the majority were pleased to see a friendly face like Woody Stockton. (And Miriam too).


Woody Stockton strolled the isles of the Troy Mediterranean Restaurant entertaining guests with witty remarks and great stories. Then finally he rallied the guests with some kind and  funny opening remarks and a great introduction to the person who made the evening happen, Miriam Rittmeyer.


The evening continued on with some great live music by the Velvet Caravan.


We were glad to be part of such a great evening.