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Do you know Mongo? - Angela Beasley's Puppet People

If you’re from the south you may have run into Mongo but if you’re not you may be wondering, “Who is Mongo?”


Mongo is the South Magazine’s ‘favorite’ mascot and this is how the South Magazine describe’s Mongo, “As the most published pooch in the South, Mongo, a bull terrier, is a great metaphor for South magazine; well built, strong, symmetrical and active. Professionally he serves as the muse of the magazine often spending long hours patrolling the offices of SM”


But Mongo can’t go to every event or social gathering, especially since he may not be allowed in. So what is the South Magazine to do? They can’t make another Mongo…, or can they?



The South Magazine was in need of another Mongo, one that wouldn’t have the restrictions that the original Mongo has placed on him because of city rules and regulations. So they sought out professional help in their search for a ‘Mongo’ that would fit in more with society. They needed a professional that could design a duplicate of their ‘favorite’ mascot.


There was only one person capable of getting the job done, Angela Beasley’s Puppet People. They analyzed, they sketched and produced Mongo II. We’re proud to say that Mongo can now go to any and all functions thanks to the creative geniuses hard at work at the Puppet People.


If your company is in need of a mascot or in this case, a secondary mascot, then don’t forget to contact Angela Beasley’s Puppet People for your next quote on your future mascot.